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National Delegates Conferences

The supreme organ of the Party that meet once in a year. There shall be two types of conferences; a National Delegates Conference and a Special National Delegates Conference.

National Governing Council

Responsible to the National Delegates council with the mandate to carry out decisions, policies and recommendations of the NEC among other functions

National Executive Council

Acts as a body of the National Governing Council and the National Delegates Conference in ensuring all decisions & policies made by these two organs are duly carried out

National Management Commitee

A Standing Comitee comprisingof a minimum of four members and a maximum of nine members appointed by the National Chairperson in consultation with the NEC

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We commit to do this by working towards ensuring freedom, peace, security, stability, democracy, the sanctity of life and social justice for all.


Under the General Direction of NEC, it runs the day-to-day function of the Party, co-ordinate & implementactions & Decisionsof Organs of the Party.


Consists of Party Members Between the age og 18 and 35 years.

PWD Caucous

An established Person's Living with disabilities caucuses who are members of the Party

Sub-Branch Executive Commitee

National Disciplinary Commitee


A standing Commitee of the Party to formulate Nomination rules in accordance of Electoral laws of Kenya, appointed by the National Chairperson


Consists of the women members of the Party

Branch Executive Commitee

A branch coterminous with every County as set out in the Constitution of Kenya responsible to the NEC

Polling Center Committes

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