Open Hours of KANU HQ: Mon – Fri: 8.00 am. – 5.00 pm.

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What we do

Mobilize the masses through propagating and popularizing our policies to solicit public support and recruit party members throughout the country and, thereafter, compete for the purpose of winning elections and forming the government to implement our policies. We commit to do this by working towards ensuring freedom, peace, security, stability, democracy, the sanctity of life and social justice for all.

Values and Principles

Promotion and protection of local economy.Strengthening Devolution of power and resources.Environmental conservation and focus on climate change.Respect for the rule of law.Special focus on youths, women, and interest groups.Respect for human rights and freedom.Accountability and transparency.Social justice and fairness.

Empowering the people through advocating for equitable distribution of resources, strengthening institutions, and promoting the culture of democratic governance

See Our Journey

Kenya’s journey from independence is embedded in our Party