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               WE the People belonging to KANU party:

               ACKNOWLEDGING the supremacy of the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya;

               RECOGNIZING: The supremacy of God and the sovereignty of the members and supporters of
               KANU party in the achieving good governance;

               EMBRACING: Diversity of ethnicity, ideology, background and ability of all members of KANU
               Party, while promoting the principles of the Kenyan Constitution 2010;

               EXERCISING EQUALITY: of all KANU Members while availing equal opportunities to all
               members of KANU Party irrespective of their culture, sex or ethnicity with aim of offering;

               TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERSHIP: Through good governance, respect for the rule of law,
               conformity  with  the  constitution  of  Kenya,  promoting  integrity  with  an  aim  of  transforming
               Kenyan leadership towards achieving a better Kenya;

               COMMITTED: to the democratic ideals of rule of law, fairness, social justice, natural justice,
               gender equality, affirmative leadership, respect of human rights, promotion of youth leadership as
               national principles and values of governance as enshrined in the Kenyan Constitution;

               DEDICATED: To ensuring an alternative leadership with the aim of seeing a better and well-
               developed Kenya.

               ADOPT, ENACT and give this Constitution to ourselves and to our future generations.

               DO DECLARE

                   1.  THAT KANU is formed as a political party for political mobilization of the broad

                       masses of our people.
                       As a political party, KANU will, if and whenever it wins the Presidential election, form

                       the National Government of the day, and the County Governments where it has won and
                       shall accept total responsibility for leadership of the said governments and manage the

                       public affairs of this great Nation in a transparent and accountable manner.

                       In the execution of this great responsibility, KANU’s Leadership and its entire rank and

                       file membership, shall recognize and aptly respond to the challenges of steering the

                       country  in  the  correct  direction  and  moving  forward  towards  greater  heights  of

                       Further, KANU shall endeavor to create and promote national unity, political stability,

                       harmony amongst Kenyan communities; Law and order as well as respect for Human


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