Page 8 - KANU Constitution
P. 8

2.  THAT, if and when given the mandate to govern the country, KANU shall do so in total

                       observance of the Law of the Land, and National Codes of Regulations and Ethics. In this

                       respect, the KANU governments policies shall be carefully and broadly conceived, and
                       shall be born from and refined by broad-based consultations with the wider Sections of our

                       society, including the civil society organizations, the public and private sectors.
                   3.  THAT  governance  by  KANU  shall  practice  and  uphold  freedom  and  civil  liberties

                       enshrined  in  The  Constitution  of  Kenya.  KANU  shall  not  only  be  enjoined  by  these
                       freedoms in its actions, but shall also defend, protect and preserve the same. KANU shall

                       further  strive  to  educate  the  people  about  these  rights  through  the  formulation  and

                       application of appropriate programs of civic education for political empowerment.
                   4.  THAT, being acutely aware that our country cannot judiciously stand alone, KANU shall

                       look abroad and borrow a leaf from the experiences and practices of other countries for our
                       national good. But this shall be done strictly on selective basis so as to borrow only what

                       is  compatible  with  our  needs  and  not  that  which  may  desecrate  our  cultural  heritage,
                       history, national cohesion, image or compromise our National sovereignty. AND in this

                       regard, KANU firmly undertakes to reject external interferences and foreign ideologies.

                       This rejection is premised on the conviction that Kenyans deserve a national pride and
                       dignity of their own; they have the inalienable right to decide their own destiny AND must

                       in no way be the subject of external manipulations and ideological experiments.

                   5.  THAT, KANU shall endeavor to co-operate with other African countries and support any
                       Pan-African  movements  and  strategies  designed  to  consolidate  Africa’s  political

                       independence.  Similarly,  KANU  shall  speak  loud  and  clear  against  any  form  of  neo-
                       colonialism, subjugation and imperialism perpetrated on Africa or other people anywhere

                       in the world. The promotion of African unity, through the African Union and the economic

                       emancipation and integration of Africa shall remain one of KANU’s primary concerns.
                       Therefore, KANU through its Government shall pursue policies and take actions towards

                       the achievements of these concerns.

                   6.  THAT, KANU shall adhere to the electoral codes of regulations promulgated from time,

                       and shall in this regard subscribe to, and cause its candidates in all elections to subscribe
                       to such code of regulations, in the furtherance of a peaceful electoral process. KANU shall

                       reject, and shall not, subscribe to, any attempt to cause disharmony among the people of
                       Kenya on the basis of their ethnicity, region, race or political affiliation.

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