Page 10 - KANU Constitution
P. 10

“Sub-branch” shall for the purposes of’ this Constitution be coterminous with the Constituency

               area from which a Member of the National Assembly is elected for representation at the National


               “Ward” means the area from which a Member of a County Assembly is elected for

               representation to the relevant. County Assembly;

               For the purposes of this Constitution,
               “he, his or him” refers to both male and female persons.


               3.1.  VISION

               KANU envisions a united, free, secure and prosperous nation founded on the rule of law and
               equitable development.

               3.2. VALUES & PRINCIPLES

                  i.   The Party’s values and principles shall include:
                 ii.   Special focus on youths, women and interest groups;

                iii.   Promotion and protection of local economy;
                 iv.   Strengthening Devolution of power and resources;

                 v.    Respect for human rights and freedom;
                 vi.   Environmental conservation and focus on climate change;

                vii.   Accountability and transparency; Corrupt free society;

               viii.   Respect for the rule of law; Equity;
                 ix.   and Social justice and fairness

               3.3. MISSION

               Empowering the Kenyan people through advocating for equitable distribution of resources,

               strengthening institutions, and promoting the culture of democratic governance

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