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                                   KENYA AFRICAN NATIONAL UNION

              My message to all Kenyans

                  KANU has set out its agenda for the nation through

                  its Back to Business Manifesto of Change.

              Let's face it: we are at a very critical juncture in the history of our nation. More than ever, Kenyans
              are yearning for a leadership that will responsibly manage the affairs of this nation with
              competency, accountability and transparency. Therefore, envisioning a free, secure, united and
              prosperous nation, founded on the rule of law and equitable development, KANU has set out its
              agenda for the nation through its Back to Business Manifesto of Change.

              This plan of action outlines our path to a resilient and developed Kenya that we desire, with deep
              appreciation of our past progresses, present situations and envisioned future. We lay particular
              emphasis on sustainable economy; devolution of resources; expanding our social infrastructure;
              greening Kenya; and entrenching citizen responsibility.

              Ours is a commitment; not a promise. A commitment to look after the poor and marginalized; a
              commitment to remove the burdens that prevent a majority from prospering. A commitment to
              restore the decency of living within our borders. But as we pursue this agenda, we recognize the
              fundamental place of the ideals of African Socialism that we hold dear. In everything we do, we are
              guided by a set of values and principles of equity, equality, and respect for the rule of law, strict
              adherence to public participation and, above all, obedience to God.

              As a party, we assure Kenyans that we have reflected through the challenges that the country is
              grappling with, and prescribed a comprehensive, need-based, time-bound, and sustainable
              solutions. Yet, the common denominator at the heart of the downfall of most sectors of our country
              is the persistent scourge of corruption. Consequently, this manifesto proposes punitive measures to
              curb corruption and discourage plunder of public resources. We owe the generations to come a
              nation where the price of engaging in corruption is ridiculously high and unaffordable.

              I wish to remind Kenyans that every election is a choice. However, as we exercise the most crucial
              civic duty in the forthcoming polls, we must remember that we have a country to guard and a future
              to secure. So yes, this election will be an opportunity to uphold the dignity of our people and to
              draw a line between their fears and the hope of a better future.

              I invite you to join us in this solemn task to put Kenya back on the path of prosperity.  WE ARE

             BACK TO BUSINESS.

              God Bless Kenya.


              H o n . G id e o n  M o i
              N a tio n a l C h a irm a n  -  K A N U

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