Page 8 - KANU MANIFESTO - 2022-2027 FINAL Draft 4.63
P. 8


                 Adopt the Ward as the primary unit of accelerated development hence taking development to the
                 people’s doorsteps and creating local job opportunities at the ward and village level in our
                 Maendeleo Mashinani.
                 Impose punitive fines and death sentences for suspects convicted of corruption, theft of public
                 funds, and economic crimes with no presidential pardon and amnesty applicable in such cases
                 within our declaration: Ufisadi ni kifo.
                 Attain demographic dividend and transition that guarantees economic growth while taking
                 advantage of the bulging youthful population as a powerful force in creating social-economic
                 development opportunities.
                 Establish a National Volunteer Network program Najitolea Kenya that allows volunteers to sign on
                 and be connected to those who want to serve in the public sector. This will be part of the basis and
                 requirements in applying for Public Service jobs.


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