Page 9 - KANU MANIFESTO - 2022-2027 FINAL Draft 4.63
P. 9


                Key Priority Areas

                There are Five key priority areas:

                                            Priority 1: ECONOMY (Uchumi na Kazi)

                                            Agenda 1: Sustainable Economy-Back to Business Economic plan
                                            Agenda 2: Agriculture and Food Security- Guaranteed Minimum Returns
                                            Agenda 3: Corruption-Ending theft of public money

                                            Priority 2 Devolution: Strengthening Devolution
                                            and taking services to the people’s doorsteps
                                            Agenda 1: Strengthening Devolution by taking services to the peoples’

                                            Priority 3 Social Infrastructure: Social protection
                                            and development.

                                            Agenda 1: Quality, Affordable and Universal Healthcare
                                            Agenda 2: Quality Education with a focus in Free and Accessible Secondary
                                            Agenda 3: Quality, Affordable, and Decent Housing
                                            Agenda 4: Sports, Culture, and Arts
                                            Agenda 5: Protection of Special Interest Groups

                                            Priority 4 Greening Kenya: Environmental
                                            Conservation and Climate Change

                                            Agenda 1: GREENING KENYA: Environment and Climate Change

                                            Priority 5 Citizen Responsibility: Our Country, Our

                                            Agenda 1: Foreign Relations and Trade- Foreign Policy
                                            Agenda 2: Responsible citizenship
                                            Agenda 3: Recreating a Purposeful Public Service
                                            Agenda 4: Building a Cohesive and Inclusive Nation                       KANU
                                            Agenda 5: Kenya’s Security and Safety

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