Page 7 - KANU MANIFESTO - 2022-2027 FINAL Draft 4.63
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                Our Key Commitments to Kenyans

                We commit to providing equitable opportunities for all in our Back to

                the Business plan. Our priorities are in promoting and protecting a
                sustainable local economy, responsible citizenship, strengthening

                devolution, social protection and development, and Greening of Kenya
                through Environmental conservation and climate.

              In the next five years, we will:
                 Establish Industrial Parks and or Special Economic Zones in every county to spur economic
                 development and create local employment opportunities under Viwanda Mashinani program.
                 Provide a framework through which benefits relating to exploring natural resources, cascading to
                 the local communities in which the resources are found and ensuring the supply bases are
                 majority-owned by local people and enterprises under our Wenyeji Kwanza initiative.
                 Ensure clean and reliable water supply to all households under the Maji Kwa Wote Program.
                 Establish the Universal Health Service Fund under the Maisha Care program funded by the public
                 budget for curative health services and citizens' minimum primary health insurance contribution.
                 Also, refocus on mental healthcare of Kenyans.  All hospitals shall provide medical services to
                 patients and bill the Fund.
                 Facilitate Agriculture Insurance and financing to de-risk the agriculture sector, reduce farmers'
                 vulnerability and other value chain actors, and foster sustainable food production and nutritional
                 security growth with Guaranteed Minimum Returns to farmers.
                 Re-introduce the school milk program under Maziwa Fresh initiative for all ECDE and Primary
                 school learners, boosting the livestock industry and allied sectors, benefitting over 14 million
                 school-going children through retention, transition and nutrition improvement. The direct benefit
                 to the farmers and cooperatives will be Ksh 2B annually.
                 Build on the local talents of our young people to encourage local manufacturing of software, Apps
                 development, and assembly of digital devices through Digital Technology Programme Form Ni Digi
                 that will empower our youth and create over 2 million local jobs annually.
                 Reduce VAT from 16% to 11% within five years and expand the tax base to lower the burden on
                 businesses and the cost of living for Kenyans under Ushuru Mwepesi initiative.
                 Invest in a National Social Protection system as an essential component of the successful and
                 sustainable market economy through social protection program Maendeleo ya Kijamii that caters
                 for the most vulnerable like the poor, orphans, and the elderly in the society.
                 Embark on mass housing and building restoration program in every country under Nyumba Kwa
                 Wote program by partnering with local financial institutions, private developers, local
                 manufacturers of building material, and cooperatives to ensure quality, affordable and decent
                 housing for all.
                 Attain energy sovereignty through investment in energy supply capacity that will reduce electricity
                 cost by at least 50%, transit to renewable energy sources, and promote the creation of at least
                 100,000 green jobs in five years.
                 Deepen post-Secondary education support by strengthening Higher Education Loans Board facility
                 through increased loaning period by one year post studies to enable beneficiaries to transition to
                 the job market.
                 Establish Biashara Mashinani initiative that will prioritize efforts by County Governments to support
                 local groups in developing businesses through partnerships.                                         KANU

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