Page 6 - KANU MANIFESTO - 2022-2027 FINAL Draft 4.63
P. 6


                Our Vision for Kenya

                       We envision a Back to Business Economic plan that provides equitable economic growth
                       opportunities in a comprehensive, fair and sustainable manner that promotes local
                       products, investment in small and micro enterprises, and industrialization for economic
                       development in manufacturing, agriculture and food production, pastoralism,
                       infrastructure, exploration of natural resources, blue economy and prudent public finance
                       and debt management.

                       We envision a strengthened devolved system of governance that stimulates socio-
                       economic development at the grassroots by providing services to the peoples’ doorsteps at
                       the ward and village level, thus enabling the ordinary Kenyans to become active
                       participants in the development process.

                       We envision a country with robust social infrastructure and protection systems that offer
                       quality, affordable and accessible healthcare, education, and decent housing for all. A
                       country that promotes Sports, Culture, and Arts as a source of economic development and
                       protects the Special Interest Groups in their affairs of life.

                       We envision a ‘Green’ country that prioritizes sustainable utilization of natural resources to
                       enhance climate resilience and adaptive capacity that protects and encourages
                       environmental conservation from the severe threats of climate change.

                       We envision a country with a strong sense of civic responsibility that reflects on a
                       responsive and purposeful public service, cohesive and inclusive nation with a proactive,
                       concrete, and consistent foreign policy on the economy, peace, environment, culture, and


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