Page 5 - KANU MANIFESTO - 2022-2027 FINAL Draft 4.63
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                The Year 2022 is essential for all Kenyans because we have

                the opportunity to define our destiny in the August general
                elections. KANU and its leadership are committed to

                propelling Kenya with a transformative agenda to bring back
                the country to business.

               KANU envisions a united, free, secure, and prosperous nation founded on the rule of law and
              equitable development. Our values and principles promote and protect the local economy, strengthen
              the devolution of power and resources, social justice and fairness, and promote the culture of
              democratic governance. KANU Manifesto 2022-2027 is based on a systemic and reflective situational
              analysis of the country’s challenges. We conclude that we urgently require strategic and
              transformative leadership in our social, economic, and environmental sectors for Kenya to be back to

               KANU government will therefore prioritize the following five areas:
                  Priority 1: Economy: Back to Business economic plan
                  Priority 2: Devolution: Strengthening Devolution and taking services to the people’s doorsteps
                  Priority 3: Social Infrastructure: Social protection and development
                  Priority 4: Greening Kenya: Environmental Conservation and Climate Change
                  Priority 5: Citizen Responsibility: Our Country, Our Responsibility

              Although all sectors are essential in transforming the country, we believe that our five priority areas
              are vital in addressing the current and future challenges in the shortest time. The five priority areas
              were identified in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the global level, Agenda 2065 at
              the Continental level, Kenya’s Vision 2030 at the national level, and historic Kenya’s Sessional Paper
              Number 10 of 1965. These development blueprints have been critical in shaping Kenya’s short, long,
              and medium-term development planning framework.

              SDGs focus on poverty, inequality, prosperity, and climate change, consistent with KANU’s aspiration
              and commitment to a transformative plan for all. Agenda 2063 reinforces our commitment to a
              transformed economy focusing on the standard of living, education, technology, and health. Our
              transformative program is consistent with Kenya’s Vision 2030 objective of transforming Kenya into a
              newly-industrializing, middle-income country, providing a high quality of life to citizens in a clean and
              secure environment.

              Kenya’s 1965 Sessional Paper Number 10 and its application to Planning in Kenya was based on
              government planning as a socio-economic development tool. This tool was meant to guide economic
              growth built around equity. KANU believes that equity connotes fairness and that policy should be
              directed with impartiality, rights, and justice.

              We set the agenda under each priority area, outlining our vision, plan, and commitment as the guiding
              framework for transforming Kenya. We ask all patriotic Kenyans to join us in this transformative
              journey to achieve this. KANU government will be strategic in utilizing an appropriate mix of policy and  KANU
              legislative instruments in realizing these commitments. A vote for KANU is a vote for adherence to a
              transformative agenda.

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