Page 5 - Nomination Rules
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               Article 1: Preamble

                   (i)    These rules shall be cited as the Kenya African National Union nomination and election
                          rules. The rules shall come into operation with effect from May, 30 2021;

                   (ii)   Whenever a General or by-election is called there shall be a process of nominating Party
                          Candidates for the elections. This process must be done in  accordance with the party
                          constitution, Political Parties Act, the Elections Act, The Constitution of Kenya 2010 and
                          all other applicable provisions of the law.

               Article 2: Interpretation

               In these Rules unless the context otherwise admits;

               “Agent” means a person duly appointed by –

                   (a)  A political party or an independent candidate for the purposes of an election under this Act;

                   (b) A referendum committee for the purposes of a referendum under this Act,
                       And includes a counting agent and a tallying agent;

               “Ballot box” means a transparent container with a slot on the top sufficient to accept a ballot paper

               in an election or in a referendum but which prevents access to the votes until the closing of the

               voting period.

               “Ballot paper” means a paper used to record the choice made by a voter and shall include an

               electronic version of a ballot paper or its equivalent for the purposes of electronic voting;

               “Board” means the Kenya African National Union National Elections and Nomination Board;

               “Candidate” means a person contesting for an elective post;

               “Constituency” means one of the constituencies into which Kenya is divided under Article 89 of the

               “County” means the counties into which Kenya is divided under Article 6 (1) of the Constitution

               and specified in the First Schedule of the Constitution

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