Page 9 - Nomination Rules
P. 9

7.  The Board shall prescribe forms, nomination certificates and other documents as is indicated
                      in the 1  schedule required for purposes of party elections and/or nominating Party candidates
                      for elections and shall ensure efficient and effective issuance and return of those forms as
                      circumstances may warrant;

                   8.  The Board shall present to the National Chairperson or National Executive Council a list of
                      all candidates seeking election to party positions or nominations for National and County level


                   9.  To receive, verify, vet and register KANU candidates for National Elections, By-elections;
                      and submitting the list to Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

                   10. The National Elections Board may delegate duties to a County Election Panel in respect of

                      nominating candidates for Governor, Senator, National Assembly, and Members of County

                   11. The County Election panel shall comprise of three members, one of whom shall be appointed
                      returning officer by the National Election Board and who shall be the chair of the county

                      Election Panel and vested with powers to appoint branch and polling stations returning officers

                   12. The Board shall prescribe all other forms as is provided for under the schedules of these rules

                      and any other as is provided for under the KANU Constitution for the purpose of Elections
                      and Nominations

                   13. The Certificate issued under Clause 7 shall have two signatories.
                   14. The signatories under clause 13 shall be the National Chairperson and any other person as

                      shall be appointed or designated by the National chairperson in writing.
                   15. The Board as a means to ensure affirmative action ensure that the special interest groups;

                      women, youth, persons with disabilities and minorities have their nomination fees subsidized.

                   16. The Board shall determine the nomination fees and give considerations as to when to waiver
                      or reduce such nomination fees.

                     17. The Board shall as a means to ensure affirmative action ensure that the special interest

                         groups have their nomination fees subsidized as per the second schedule.
                     18. The Board shall advice the National Executive Council as to the nomination fees with

                         regards to when to waiver or reduce nomination fees for the youth and women candidates

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