Page 8 - Nomination Rules
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               Article 3: Appointment

                   1.  There shall be a board to be known as the KANU National Nomination and Elections Board,
                       which shall be a standing committee of the Party;

                   2.  KANU National Election Board is a standing committee of the party, which is constituted in
                       accordance with Article 31.1 of the KANU Constitution and of not less than (3) and not more
                       than  Seven  (7)  committee  members  of  whom  at  least  two  shall  be  of  either  gender  in
                       conformity with the IEBC regulations.

                   3.  The Board shall be headed by a Chairperson and shall have five other members and shall be
                       supported  by  such  other  officers  as  are  necessary  for  the  discharge  of  its  mandate.  The
                       Executive Director shall be an ex- officio member of the Board; and

                   4.  The members of the Board shall be appointed by the National from amongst Members of the
                       Party who shall be persons knowledgeable in matters of elections;

                   5.  The Board composition shall be guided by article 31 of the Party constitution in taking into account
                       the two thirds gender rule.

                   6.  The Board members shall have a tenure of 5 years which may be renewable

               Article 4:  Functions of the Board

                     1.  Formulate and coordinate, plan, organize, direct, strategize and conduct party nominations
                         and elections;

                     2.  Undertake Presidential, Parliamentary  (Senate  & National Assembly) and County level
                         primary nominations in respect of a general election or by-election in accordance with these

                     3.  Advice NEC and other relevant organs of the party on matters relating to party nominations
                         and elections;

                     4.  The Board  may outsource such  assistance  as  may be necessary  for  the  fulfilment  of
                         its mandate;

                     5.  Do anything necessary and proper to ensure the success of the Party during nominations
                         and elections;

                     6.  Subject to these rules, the party constitution and other applicable laws, the board shall
                         have the power to decide on rules and procedures for the conduct of its affairs;

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