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Today, KANU celebrates its 63rd anniversary, marking a remarkable journey of endurance, optimism, and unwavering hope for Kenya. As we commemorate this milestone, we also unite in honoring International Mother’s Day, a moment to cherish the beauty and sanctity of motherhood while expressing heartfelt gratitude to all the amazing mothers out there.

Sixty-three years ago, Kenyans yearned for an independent nation, free from the clutches of poverty, illiteracy, and disease. In response, brave men and women heed the call, rallying under the banner of our party to champion the cause of independence and lay the foundation for nation-building.

As a party rooted in the principles of self-reliance, individual liberty, and national unity, KANU has traversed Kenya’s political landscape, making significant contributions to its growth and development. However, we also acknowledge our misdeeds along the way. After all, a political party is comprised of people and to err is simply being human. We acknowledge those missteps and strive for improvement.

Over time, KANU has undergone a transformation, welcoming fresh blood and minds, and nurturing young people within our ranks by leading critical roles and initiatives within the party. We are embracing new technologies, adopting progressive policies, and promoting innovative ideas in recognition that the world faces a new set of global challenges that we must adapt to.

Today, countless Kenyans are struggling to make ends meet. While taxes are essential for financing the nation’s recurrent and development expenses, it is clear that prosperity cannot be solely derived from taxation.

Consequently, it is imperative that the government reviews the Finance Bill, 2023, currently in the National Assembly, and engages in comprehensive public participation to alleviate the burden of punitive tax clauses due to their severe implications for our citizens.

Furthermore, we must explore avenues to create a favorable and conducive environment for direct foreign investment, particularly in industrialization. By enhancing manufacturing capabilities and generating employment opportunities, we can integrate a significant number of Kenyans into the mainstream job market and reduce overreliance on taxes.

In conclusion, I extend my warmest wishes to all KANU members and supporters on this joyous 63rd anniversary. May we also take this opportunity to celebrate International Mother’s Day, honoring the incredible contributions and sacrifices made by mothers across the nation.

Hon. Gideon Moi

National Chairman – KANU

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